n. & v.
1 an extremity or end, esp. of a small or tapering thing (tips of the fingers).
2 a small piece or part attached to the end of a thing, e.g. a ferrule on a stick.
3 a leaf-bud of tea.
—v.tr. (tipped, tipping)
1 provide with a tip.
2 tr. (foll. by in) attach (a loose sheet) to a page at the inside edge.
Phrases and idioms:
on the tip of one's tongue about to be said, esp. after difficulty in recalling to mind. the tip of the iceberg a small evident part of something much larger or more significant.
tipless adj. tippy adj. (in sense 3).
Etymology: ME f. ON typpi (n.), typpa (v.), typptr tipped f. Gmc (rel. to TOP(1)): prob. reinforced by MDu. & MLG tip
v. & n.
—v. (tipped, tipping)
1 a intr. lean or slant. b tr. cause to do this.
2 tr. (foll. by into etc.) a overturn or cause to overbalance (was tipped into the pond). b discharge the contents of (a container etc.) in this way.
1 a a slight push or tilt. b a light stroke, esp. in baseball.
2 Brit. a place where material (esp. refuse) is tipped.
Phrases and idioms:
tip the balance make the critical difference. tip the scales see SCALE(2). tip-up able to be tipped, e.g. of a seat in a theatre to allow passage past.
Etymology: 17th c.: orig. uncert.
v. & n.
—v. (tipped, tipping) (often foll. by over, up)
1 tr. make a small present of money to, esp. for a service given (have you tipped the porter?).
2 tr. name as the likely winner of a race or contest etc.
3 tr. strike or touch lightly.
4 tr. sl. give, hand, pass (esp. in tip the wink below).
1 a small money present, esp. for a service given.
2 a piece of private or special information, esp. regarding betting or investment.
3 a small or casual piece of advice.
Phrases and idioms:
tip off
1 give (a person) a hint or piece of special information or warning, esp. discreetly or confidentially.
2 Basketball start play by throwing the ball up between two opponents. tip-off a hint or warning etc. given discreetly or confidentially. tip a person the wink give a person private information.
tipper n.
Etymology: ME: orig. uncert.

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